Women’s Ministry

Our organization hosts regular gatherings of mothers at each of the Ciudad de Refugio feeding program sites. We will soon expand this women’s ministry to Pamamus.

Yesenia organizes the groups, each of which has a local leader as well. The groups meet once or twice a month at the feeding sites.

Meetings consist of prayer, the sharing of issues and news, some group activity (crafts), and are highlighted by a short presentation by  a guest speaker or one of the group’s members.

Support in the form of materials, speakers, topics, and especially craft ideas come from the organization Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS), which each site is enrolled with.

MOPS is a US-based, Christian parents group with a very strong Guatemalan presence.

Besides the meetings, which are a popular respite for mothers who rarely leave the neighborhood, our ministry arranges transportation to MOPS-sponsored events around the city, such as networking lunches and movie nights. (Some of our mothers had never been to a movie theater before!)

The women’s ministry is expected to see continued growth as our mission devotes more resources to the mothers of our special children.




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