Why MCU and not ACOC?

Misioneros Cristianos Unidos, or United Christian Missionaries, is our incorporated name in Guatemala. The original plan was to obtain a DBA (Doing Business As) identity in New Jersey as United Christian Missionaries.

Unfortunately, New Jersey law does not allow charities to use a DBA. We did not want to lose our “Couple of Christians” roots. Plus, we did not feel it was worth the money to officially change our name or add a second entity. 10801501_728633810558984_8769484987670454383_n

Why did we maintain the Missionaries Cristianos Unidos name in Guatemala? And why are we pushing the combined MCUGuatemala.org over our Couple of Christians identity?

We feel the United Christians name better reflects not only the growing organization we want to be, but also our current and growing roster of volunteers. Yesenia and I do not do everything on our own. Heck, we even have a third party in our family now!

That explains why “couple” doesn’t fit anymore. What about “United” Christians?

IMG_5112Our organization is an Evangelical Mission. Yesenia and I belong to an Evangelical Missions-based church and Ciudad de Refugio is Evangelical, too.

However, we have volunteers and board members who are Catholic, Pentecostal, and Presbyterian. Our supporters and followers come from all denominations. They include but are not limited to Calvinists, Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists, Mormon, and non-denominational Christians.

When we preach and teach the children, we use Bible-based programs and passages accepted by all Christians. We do not promote one denomination over another, choosing instead to accentuate what ties all 325,000 Christian churches together- the love and salvation that comes from Jesus Christ.

We are all united in Christ.

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