Merry Christmas?

One thing about living in Guatemala is that without a Thanksgiving holiday, we can jump right into Christmas after Halloween or All Saints Day. Of course, for our gang at MCU-Guatemala, that means planning events for the children and their families and seeking additional options and locations to celebrate the coming of the Savior. This … Continue reading Merry Christmas?

OUR MISSION, operating as A Couple of Christians Foundation in New Jersey and Misioneros Cristianos Unidos in Guatemala, works primarily with and for needy children in poor and troubled neighborhoods in and around Guatemala City. We offer faith-based counseling and instruction in health, social awareness, and nutrition, as well as Bible lessons, centered around feeding programs … Continue reading OUR MISSION

Other Projects over the years

Besides our feeding programs and counseling efforts, A Couple of Christians and Misioneros Cristianos Unidos- collectively tries to find other ways to provide for the health and well-being of our children and others. Our Boot Out Infections initiative recognized the problem of kids walking through the puddles and floods of the rainy season with … Continue reading Other Projects over the years

Our Counseling & Social Program

It is not enough to fill the children's bellies and send them on their way. We need to fill them with much more. They lack hope, pride (the good kind), and compassion. Their environment tells them it is okay to be disinterested and dismissive of crime, poverty, violence, and misfortune. That's not okay. Our mission … Continue reading Our Counseling & Social Program

Why MCU and not ACOC?

Misioneros Cristianos Unidos, or United Christian Missionaries, is our incorporated name in Guatemala. The original plan was to obtain a DBA (Doing Business As) identity in New Jersey as United Christian Missionaries. Unfortunately, New Jersey law does not allow charities to use a DBA. We did not want to lose our "Couple of Christians" roots. … Continue reading Why MCU and not ACOC?