“Things are going to change around here.”

When I first came to Guatemala, my plans were to latch on to an established charity and just help. I figured I could live here for about a year before my money ran out. If I liked it, maybe I could land a job and stay to do more.

That was five years ago.

Almost immediately, God started working on that whole “maybe” a year thing. He hit me at my weakest point of resistance. He put Yesenia into my life. Today, we are married and have a home near the capital city that we do not plan on leaving for a while.

Soon after we became a couple, I started blogging about our experiences under the name “A Couple of Christians.” Eventually, we decided to incorporate as a charity in the USA as to allow us to do some projects on our own. We were small, but we were happy with what we were doing.

Then God introduced the biggest possible change. We became the doting parents of Maria Catalina. This meant I needed to work full time. Yesenia needed to care for the baby. It did not leave much time for charity work.

We had a decision to make. Should we pack it in and be happy to serve with other groups when we could? Should we continue to do part-time charity work and struggle to raise funds in our “spare” time? Should I return to work in the USA for a while?

We prayed and prayed while working and raising the baby until God told us what to do.

He told us in a series of emails from a church in Pennsylvania. They were familiar with our situation and asked what we would do if we went back to full-time ministry.

Soon, then they asked how much money we would need to get by.

Then they gave it to us.

Things are changing here… and we are so excited and also anxious about all of it.

July 1, 2017, starts the second phase of our charitable organization. We will promote ourselves under our Guatemala-registered name of “Misioneros Cristianos Unidos de Guatemala” or MCUGuatemala.org,  which better reflects our anticipated growth, as well as the number and diversity of our volunteers.

On the ensuing pages, you can read about projects and programs we are working on and expanding.

Improving health, social skills, education and of course, faith can lead to a better future for the youth of the impoverished neighborhoods we work in.

Besides talking and providing tools, we will listen to the children and their mothers to see what their anxieties and dreams are. These will drive our future work.

We trust God will provide us with insight and guidance, as well as the necessary provisions to provide hope and opportunities for our kids.

Please check back often to see where we need prayers and other support in what we are certain will be many years ahead.

Thank you!

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