MCUGuatemala.org, operating as A Couple of Christians Foundation in New Jersey and Misioneros Cristianos Unidos in Guatemala, works primarily with and for needy children in poor and troubled neighborhoods in and around Guatemala City.

12742045_948742338548129_364088891785002848_nWe offer faith-based counseling and instruction in health, social awareness, and nutrition, as well as Bible lessons, centered around feeding programs and school settings.

Our organization supports some of the feeding programs with food and supplies. The mothers of the children can take advantage of our women’s ministry, affiliated with Guatemala’s Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS) organization. 12742072_948742618548101_1307492775375142033_n

Over the years, we have supplemented these programs with special projects and donations. This includes an annual Christmas Project that shares God’s Word along with items of need, toys, and food baskets in areas outside our normal working neighborhoods.

MCUGuatemala.org continuously looks for new ways to help the youth of our neighborhoods. Click the links for more details and check back regularly to see what else we are up to.

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