Our Christmas Project

Christmas is a special time around here. Not only do we celebrate with the children at our regular sites in the city and Pamamus, but we always expand our reach to share the Good News with other children and their families.

For instance, in Comalapa, there is a respite care facility for Downs Syndrome families. Here, 12742072_948742618548101_1307492775375142033_nworkers care for their charges while caretakers can manage their daily chores or just take a break from all that goes into handling special needs persons.



We have been fortunate to spend time with them at Christmas, providing gifts to the patients and their siblings and sending the families home with over-stuffed food baskets.

There is also a vegetable-packing and distribution plant nestled in the hills outside  Antigua. Many of the workers can not afford to pay caregivers for their children while they work. As a result, the compound is teeming with giggling and playful kids.

Each one of them went home with a toy and a blanket this Christmas after enjoying an impromptu snack and some time with us.

Our Pamamus mission started off as a Christmas extension a few short years ago. KidsIMG_4960 walked up to five kilometers to receive toys and food after prayers and hugs.

We have been able to share extra gifts with random Sunday school programs and even with people we see on the streets as we drive around the city and its suburbs.

Each year, we look for another area we can bless with some Christmas joy. It is a magical time for us. If you’d like to help us expand our sharing of Christmas cheer, visit our DONATE! page and write “Christmas” in the comment section.


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