Other Projects over the years

Besides our feeding programs and counseling efforts, A Couple of Christians and Misioneros Cristianos Unidos- collectively MCUGuatemala.org- tries to find other ways to provide for the health and well-being of our children and others.

Our Boot Out Infections initiative recognized the problem of kids walking through the IMG_6713puddles and floods of the rainy season with inadequate footwear. As trash, mud, and even sewage flowed down the streets, our kids marched through with old, torn, and non-waterproof sneakers and shoes.

This resulted not only in colds and illnesses, but also foot and toenail infections. In two separate efforts, we provided hundreds of pairs of rain boots for kids at all our sites. This year, the girls in Comalapa asked for waterproof shoes in lieu of boots. We covered that, too.

Our Urban Garden Program helped families living in over-crowded communities find creative ways to add gardens to their homes. Roofs, tires, plastic bottles, cinder blocks, wooden pallets and more helped put fresh vegetables into any sunlit place we could find.

12728902_948743045214725_489194006686971923_nThrough our Christmas projects, blankets, towels, and more have been shared with the youth. We offered basic computer classes for a while and craft classes for kids.

Sometimes, opportunity comes from others. We recently received a ton of children’s cereal, which we split into ten-pound bags and shared with our program families. Last year, Chiquita Brands delivered a trailer full of plantains which took quite an effort to unload and distribute.

In the year ahead, we hope to find a source for children’s vitamins, as well as oral hygiene products and other things that tie into our health classes. We are also pricing out children’s Bibles.

Next month, we will provide hundred of pairs of pants to migrant and farm children around our Pamamus location. Blankets will be used to wrap toys again during this year’s Christmas project.

We always have our eyes and ears open in search of other ideas and needs. If you have any thoughts, feel free to contact us!


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