Merry Christmas?

One thing about living in Guatemala is that without a Thanksgiving holiday, we can jump right into Christmas after Halloween or All Saints Day. Of course, for our gang at MCU-Guatemala, that means planning events for the children and their families and seeking additional options and locations to celebrate the coming of the Savior.

This year, we are determined to break our record of 800 children and 35 families blessed with special Christmas memories. Yesterday, Yesenia and I scouted out suppliers for toys and fleece blankets. We stumbled upon a distributor of children’s sneakers and are anxious to fit that item into our budget. All told we want to spend about 110 quetzales, or $15, on each child. IMG_5140

We also designed a great food basket loaded with the basic foodstuffs, but made special with holiday treats and beverages most of our families would never purchase on their own. 24 families are already on our food basket list, but we want to double that number before Christmas.

Of course, our Christmas celebrations are about more than giveaways. They are festive events that include prayer and the sharing of the Good News with as many folks as we can gather. For many, this is the happiest day of their year. In fact, for me, these are the happiest days of the year. But for our children and others we bless, it is a signal that God has not forgotten them.

Perhaps they can not decorate their houses. Maybe they don’t have money to splurge on a big fancy meal. They still deal with poverty, crime, and health issues; but for part of one day, we can take them into an atmosphere of God’s Love and remind them who they are, why God came to earth, and let them experience a little bit of joy for a while.

10922833_758899354199096_6999696955145651831_nBut, we need your help. We only have enough funding to do about half of what we want to accomplish. As usual, we count on the generosity and love of our supporters and friends to make these things happen. Our goals are generally modest, but we still can’t do it without you.

So, if you read all the way down this far, maybe you have the means to put God’s Love on display for impoverished youth and families. If you could see the joy on these people’s faces when they realize what a Christmas present is and that they are actually getting one, or the passion with which they pray out loud in thanks and awe of the Lord, you would understand why it is my favorite event of the year.

We’ll share photos and maybe a video or two after the fact, but for now, if you can help 10868092_739017192853979_1120235244952015693_nus out, please visit our donations page for information about how and where.

For those who are not in a position to help us financially, will you please pray for our family and our team of volunteers, that we can put together a wonderful, blessed celebration of God’s Coming? Our volunteer elves donate much time and travel with us to risky places to make this all happen.

We love when people become part of our operation through donations or prayer. We pray that each of you feels God’s love all year round and we thank you for your kindness and generosity.

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