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MCUGuatemala.org… or Misioneros Cristianos Unidos de Guatemala… or United Christian Missionaries of Guatemala… or A Couple Of Christians Foundation… whatever you call us in whatever language, we are dedicated to spreading Jesus Christ’s love to children and families of Guatemala through words, works, and worship.

Our base of operations is in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Guatemala City. The majority of the children are under-nourished and those who graduate high school are among a lucky few. Gangs have moved in with crime and drugs making our work all the more important.

IMG_5103We also work in the La Isla section of Santa Fe- a gritty neighborhood of Guatemala City. This isolated little nook, accessible by a single-lane bridge over a rim of sink holes and valleys, has progressed nicely in the past few years, due to the combined efforts of three organizations.

Pamamus, a village within the confines of Comalapa, is our newest area of focus. We use the under-financed public school as a meeting point to work with hundreds of farmer and migrant children. Despite being surrounded by some of the lushest farmland in Guatemala, almost 70% of the children are clinically malnourished. The land belongs to corporations who limit what can be planted and do not allow the workers to create personal gardens.

IMG_6738Prayer is tied into everything we do. We never miss an opportunity to talk about trusting God. Before food is served at our feeding programs, we pray together. Once a week, there is a presentation which may involve a health lesson, a discussion about a social or family issue, or a Bible lesson.

Special events may include visiting groups or sharing a donation with the children. For instance, we received a ton of children’s cereal. Instead of trying to incorporate it into our meal plan, we divided it into 10-pound bags for 200 of our families.

We have distributed shoes, boots, food, blankets, towels, dental kits, and other items over the years. Next quarter, we are providing pants to the farm community. Almost everything we distribute is purchased here in Guatemala- when possible, from the neighborhoods we service- to help the local economy.

Christmas is a special time for all of us. We expand our reach to other neighborhoods where we share the Good News and presents of toys and an item of need with the children. We also provide dozens of especially needy families with holiday food baskets, providing basic needs as well as something special for the family to enjoy during Christmas time.

We can’t wait to grow even more. We look forward to sharing the generosity of our friends, supporters, and partners – all of which we are confident will increase in time.

God is good. We are blessed to work for him… to be His hands and Feet here in Guatemala.



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