Ciudad de Refugio Feeding Programs

30 years ago, Avelino and Carmen Guzman started cooking soup and sharing bread with their neighbors on a street corner. Since then, Ciudad de Refugio (City of Refuge) has grown into five affiliated churches and three feeding program sites serving meals to almost 400 children.

The primary site in the La Cuchilla section of Guatemala City serves as our base of operations. We regularly visit the other sites on La Isla in Santa Fe and in the San Jose section of Villa Nueva.

Misioneros Cristianos Unidos, along with A Couple of Christians, provides support to the feeding program. Our main focus, however, is in providing guidance and opportunities to the children who rely on Ciudad de Refugio for warm meals.

Meeting an hour before the meal, children participate in discussions and activities aimed at improving their health and nutrition, their social safety and awareness, and their awareness of God in their lives.

Guest speakers supplement our staff and provide some diversity to the program. These speakers may include local officials or residents, as well as visiting missionaries.

Topics covered include handling anger, eating better, washing hands, littering and neighborhood pride, handling drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, gangs and peer pressure, social media, and more.


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