2019: MCUGuatemala’s Biggest Year Yet?

We are so excited to get going on our 2019 campaign aimed at introducing children and their parents to the Love and Hope that is Jesus.


Registration for our children’s ministries and feeding programs in Santa Fe and La Cuchilla is underway. The children who sign up will receive two hot meals a week and enjoy a program of Bible, social, and health presentations throughout the year.

There will be special visitors, celebrations, and a chance or two to get out of their concrete neighborhood for a few hours.

During registration, we ask whether everyone is going to school. Talking to the parents about kids who stopped attending allowed us to assist several families with school supplies, books, and clothes last year.

That’s not all… 

Our women’s ministry continues to grow in numbers and service. AWJM1790

We continue to support school children in the rural village of Pamamus. We will provide the children with rain boots in March. Along with the sweatshirts they received at Christmas, we hope to keep the kids healthier during the cold, rainy seasons.

The youth church in Cocales has nearly doubled in size since last January. We provided Bibles and books for the 2019 Sunday school curriculum and remain involved in this beautiful effort. Look for updates during the year on how they are doing.

Want to be part of it all?

We are encouraged by the support we receive from our friends in the United States, Europe, and right here in Guatemala.

We count on additional prayer support and financial backing in 2019. God has put it in our hearts to grow the programs and reach out farther and stronger with his Hope and Love.

Feel free to explore this website for details on what we do and how you can help. Your donations allow us to spread the Word and give children and their parents moments that offer a brief respite from the harsh reality of life here.

It doesn’t sound like much, but moments like that change lives when people know they happened because Jesus loves them and tells us to love them, too.



Barring any unforeseen emergencies, we believe donations to the mission family are sufficient for us to get by in 2019. We hit our goal of $12,000 as a family salary which will keep us fed and housed, put gas in the car, and even let us enjoy basic cable and internet.

If you would like to help us build an emergency fund or get a start on 2020 with either a one-time or monthly donation to the missionary family, please go to our donate page and note “family” in the comments section or use this link to donate to our crowd-funding family appeal   THANK YOU!!!


We hit our 2018 goal of reaching over 1000 children and adults with what the Good News of Jesus birth means. From the rural areas of Pamamus and Cocales to the cities of Escuintla, Zacapa, and Guatemala. people heard the message that Jesus came not only to save the world but to save each of them, too. IMG_20181211_114645

Along the way, hundreds of sweaters, umbrellas, shirts, and caps were passed out, along with over 1,000 new toys, tons of tamales, gallons of ponche, and untold numbers of candy canes.

We hired local women at each site to prepare the food and ponche. Not only did it help them out, but it also added a sense of community to the celebrations.

Thank you to our supporters and volunteers who helped every step of the way in making this our most successful Christmas Project yet.

Volcano Fuego Disaster 

Survivors of the June eruption of Volcano Fuego continue to struggle. Many are still in shelters, although the government is forcing everyone with a standing house to return to their original homes. In most cases, those homes are located in danger zones, with damaged or non-existent crop fields due to toxic ash and mud, and no livestock or jobs to sustain them.

We continue to work with families in a couple of small shelters. Other organizations are trying to rebuild and feed the folks back on the mountain. All the survivors and volunteers need your prayers and support.

     Thank you for your continued prayers, inquiries, and support 

     – Pat & Yesenia 

Our dream is to see our feeding program end someday because no one here needs our services anymore.