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What a great and awesome year we’re having!!!

Through the first quarter of 2018, MCUGuatemala.org, (A Couple of Christians Foundation & Misioneros Cristianos Unidos) are on a roll.

Our feeding program and children’s ministry is in full swing, feeding close to 300 children while providing important lessons and guidance about bullying, hand-washing, littering, and much more.

Bible classes are also being shared at the feeding program, which provides two hot meals- often the only hot food the children regularly see- at two different locations each week.

Our rural outreach completed their first quarter project, providing new socks and sneakers to over 200 children in the impoverished communities of Los Cocales and Pamamus.

Pamamus’ children put on a show for us, with songs and dancing, and blessed us with fresh fruits from the community.

Supporters from the Langhorne Presbyterian Church visited Pamamus and also visited the feeding site at La Cuchilla in February. We are absolutely humbled and grateful for their help with our organization.

But we’re most excited about what is coming up! The second quarter will see the feeding programs, children’s ministry, and the women’s ministry continue to provide faith and physical sustenance to our city community.

Pamamus and Cocales will receive supplies desperately needed in their school and youth programs.

And best of all, planning will be finalized to kick off a NEW COMPUTER TRAINING PROGRAM for the kids in La Cuchilla by July.

Partnering with our friends at a certified computer training center, we will send as many of our children as possible to a one- or two-year computer training class right in our own neighborhood.

The students will receive a Guatemala Ministry of Education certificate upon completion of courses that start with keyboard training and continue with letters, spreadsheets, presentations and more using Microsoft Office programs.

Of course, YOU will play a key role in making this work. We are currently LOOKING FOR SPONSORS for the computer students. The discounted program costs only $15 per month or $165 for the year.

Classes are small (5-8 students)  and tailored to the speed of each student. Sponsors will have the option of buying an inexpensive laptop computer for the child upon completion.

To help the students along, MCUGuatemala will provide four laptops and free wifi at our feeding program site. Students can practice with our computers or bring their own.

We believe computer training will help our children improve their school options and ultimately land jobs that could break their poverty cycle. Our dream is to see our feeding program end someday because no one needs our services anymore.