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2018 offers much promise and goodwill for the children of our programs. Our organization has been graced by several new resources, allowing us to continue and even expand our operations here in Guatemala.

The majority of our work will still take place in the city, centered around our feeding program site at La Cuchilla. A total of 300 children are enrolled there and in our Santa Fe (La Isla) location. Besides two hot meals a week for each child, there will be regular programs involving children’s Bible study, social interaction, and health improvement. Our Women’s Ministry will continue to operate at both feeding locations, too.

Our mission work will include two rural sites this year. We continue to bless the village of Pamamus, especially the children of the local school. In 2018, we will also visit another farming community in Cocales. There, a local pastor is rapidly developing a youth church.We will be guest preachers and hope to share any blessings we receive during the year with the kids of this desperately poor area.

Special projects will include “No More Toes”, aimed at providing new sneakers and socks to the children in March; a pants (for boys) and sweater (for girls) project in June; and the Christmas Program in December. We are still discussing what project we will work in September. We hope to distribute Bibles all during the year.

Of course, these plans rely on you, our supporters and donors, to keep going. Thank you in advance for any assistance you plan on sharing this year- whether it is financial or prayer support. We have a good feeling about 2018. We look forward to all of you being a part of it.

Please explore this site to see what else we do and how you can help.